How many juggling comedy shows have you seen this year? None? Yeah, me too. Until now that is.

The slightly unusual format of The Rise and Fall of Marcus Monroe leads to a fantastic laugh out loud set with a lovable fool. Monroe has genuinely incredible juggling skills, which draws appropriate gasps and cheers from the crowd, and his clear, life long passion for his craft is evident. The juggling is coupled with an endearing and a deliberately slightly scrappy stand up routine, with an unorganised air that matches the comedians anarchic and high energy jokes. His sweet, underdog style leads us on a journey through his rise to the top, and then his tumble from that great height. Although there would be room for the discussion of vacuous fame to be tackled with more biting satire and wit, the lightness of the comedy suits Monroe and his slightly dopey demeanor.

Along with his long suffering assistant Annie – who arguably carries an equal share of the comedy despite uttering only one or two words throughout – Monroe encourages the audience to join in as often as possible leading to some serious belly laughs, as well as some ridiculous dancing.

All in all, this show doesn’t pack any serious, heavy weight punches, and wont be changing the world any time soon, but it’s funny, sweet, endearing and slightly magical, and will make you feel like you’re walking on air on your way out the door.

Marcus Monroe